Psychic Channeling & Mediumship

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Psychic Mediumship / Afterlife Connection

Connect with a loved one after an unexpected death. Therapeutic channeling available to assist the soul with breaking free from suffering and crossing over. Gain clarity and peace knowing your loved one is taken care of and you’ve resolved anything that was incomplete.

Psychic Channeling

Guidance for your life journey. Tap into your soul’s past, present, and future path to gain insight on your evolution, next steps for this lifetime, connections, soul mates / partners, soul groups, and soul purpose.

Words from Supriya

It’s such an honor to channel, whether it’s bringing through next steps for someone on their soul journey, or giving a deeper understanding to where their soul was before coming to this life time, it’s a gift to have this window into another soul’s path and to bring information in that a person would not have access to otherwise.

It’s beautiful to witness the transformation in someone when they understand what they came into this life with, who they’re connected to on a deeper level, what their soul purpose is, what healing needs to happen for them to get the life they want.

When I channel a loved one’s soul or essence that died recently and unexpectedly, I have the opportunity to discover if the soul is stuck and what’s needed to move on. It’s often like doing a therapy session with the soul, and with the support of their loved one (the client sitting with me, who came to connect with their loved ones). I hold space while directing both the deceased and the client to find healing, express final words, and open a channel for the soul to cross over.

Choosing to work with me means you will receive information that is missing in your life. It’s like putting a puzzle together that has missing pieces. The picture just doesn’t look quite right. But, once you find the pieces, it all becomes clear. You now have the whole picture.

“I met Supriya in an ashram in India where she channeled for me. It was very interesting to watch her connecting to the infinite field of information and witness her psychic skills. Everything she told me made a lot of sense. I asked about relationships, life purpose, and physical health. I also asked my guru one of those qustions and got the same answer that Supriya gave me a few weeks before. That was very impressive! Many thanks to Supriya for working with me and for her friendship.”

Isis B.

Vienna, Austria

“Supriya is kind and understanding. She offers sensible solutions to help energize your soul. She has talents beyond those that can be taught. Her expertise in counseling has helped me through some dark times in my life and helped me move past the trauma that held me back. She helped me realize aspects of my life that I could change and also helped identify my strengths. I would recommend Supriya Shanti to anyone looking for a therapist with a twist on conventional talk therapy.”

Jackie T.

Newfane, VT

“Supriya has given me guidance on how to tune into my own intuition and energy system and how to recharge and prepare to face the challenging choices and relationships in my life. Through a combination of therapy, coaching and channeling with her I feel more alligned and solidly on a new life trajectory starting my own art business.”

Cynthia HP.

Brattleboro, VT

“Working with Supriya is healing, uplifting, life changing. She sees the whole picture, not just the physical, but everything else that influences our reality. Has made me feel more valuable and motivated to follow my true path in life.”

Crystal B.

Northampton, MA

Empowering You to Become Your Best Self

Together, we will journey into the channels to discover your soul’s gifts, transform old patterns and beliefs, remove emotional blocks, create protective energy systems, and adjust your mindset so that you can easily step into the best version of YOU. You’re an amazing person, filled with gemstones that are just waiting to shine into the world. Schedule a FREE discovery session today and I’ll help you discover that.

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