Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

If you are an empath who works with others (therapists, coaches, healers, psychics) be sure to purchase this training that will:

  • Eliminate Energy Robbers
  • Stop the Habit of Over-Extending
  • Help You Say No, and Still Feel Good
  • Harness Your Life Force Energy
  • Help You Set Healthy Boundaries that Work
  • Guide You toward Experiencing Your True Power

Watch online, anytime!
Cost: $29

Psychic Energy Protection

Psychic Energy Protection is good for everyone, especially if you are a highly sensitive person, an empath, or someone who works with others (therapists, coaches, healers, psychics). If you are sensitive to energy and others’ emotions, definitely purchase this training.

Gain powerful tools for noticing personalities who love to trick, sabotage, gas light, and suck you dry. Become skilled in protecting yourself and releasing unwanted energies and emotions.

Learn to:

  • Deal with unwanted energies including vampires, saboteurs, tricksters
  • Manage Your emotions versus being trapped by others
  • Get comfortable handling different energies
  • Let go of what’s not yours
  • Trust Your Inner Compass

Watch online, anytime!
Cost: $29