What I Do

Supriya Shanti

I Empower People

I help people create healthy boundaries by teaching them about their energy. This involves their aura and the world which cannot be seen in a physical sense, but rather felt and acknowledged. Through my one-on-one coaching, spiritual readings, workshops, and courses, people start to see themselves in a new way that touches every area of their life.

We will work together to create a space for any blocks, obstacles, and wounded parts to be seen, heard, and processed. You will have the opportunity to connect with your guides, develop and strengthen your intuition, and understand your soul’s journey.

Just as you would go to a gym to build muscle, I will help you become a master of your energy system. Your aura will be so strong it will help you release unwanted energies and emotions, create good boundaries, maintain balance, and attract like-hearted loving, healthy people.

Specifically, I Can Help You:


Stop Feeling Flooded & Overwhelmed by Emotions


Overcome the "What if" Thinking


Get the Respect You Deserve


Set Powerful Boundaries That Can't Be Ignored


Clear Toxic People From Your Life


Heal Past Wounds & Step Powerfully Into the Present


Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones


Discover Your Soul Purpose


Experience Deep Joy & Peace

“Supriya is kind and understanding. She offers sensible solutions to help energize your soul. She has talents beyond those that can be taught. Her expertise in counseling has helped me through some dark times in my life and helped me move past the trauma that held me back. She helped me realize aspects of my life that I could change and also helped identify my strengths. I would recommend Supriya Shanti to anyone looking for a therapist with a twist on conventional talk therapy.”

Jackie T.

Newfane, VT

“After working with Supriya, I had a different relationship with my siblings. I overcame significant anxiety, learned to speak up for myself, and was finally able to see what was holding me back.”

Linda A.

Brattleboro, VT

“Supriya has given me guidance on how to tune into my own intuition and energy system and how to recharge and prepare to face the challenging choices and relationships in my life. Through a combination of therapy, coaching and channeling with her I feel more alligned and solidly on a new life trajectory starting my own art business.”

Cynthia HP.

Brattleboro, VT

“Working with Supriya is healing, uplifting, life changing. She sees the whole picture, not just the physical, but everything else that influences our reality. Has made me feel more valuable and motivated to follow my true path in life.”

Crystal B.

Northampton, MA

Empowering You to Become Your Best Self

Together, we will journey into the channels to discover your soul’s gifts, transform old patterns and beliefs, remove emotional blocks, create protective energy systems, and adjust your mindset so that you can easily step into the best version of YOU. You’re an amazing person, filled with gemstones that are just waiting to shine into the world. Schedule a FREE discovery session today and I’ll help you discover that.

Empowered womxn empower womxn

Share your past trauma with me, and how you feel empowered now

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