I’m Supriya Shanti, LICSW

Soul Journey Guide

Trauma to Empowerment

Hi there, I specialize in holding space to provide support and transformation so that you can step fully into your empowered self.

Coaching for Psychics and Empaths

Increase skills, vitality, confidence, and trust by learning protection tools, boundaries, energy consciousness, & expansiveness.

Psychotherapy for LGBTQ+

Heart-Centered therapy for those who want to connect more deeply, heal emotional wounds, get support for questioning, coming out, managing family and social constraints, reduce anxiety and grief, re-claim your personal power.

I believe in this work very passionately because the world deserves to have more love, joy, and connection in it.

Psychic Channeling & Mediumship for Your Life Journey

Discover Your Soul's Gifts

Know Your Soul's Journey

Find Your True Power

Connect with Your Heart's Passion

Remove Energy Blocks

Overcome Compassion Fatigue

Heal Past Wounds

Step Powerfully Into The Present


“Supriya holds space and offers guidance that has helped me in expanding my spiritual practice and moving through fears and blocks. She contributes quality education combined with beautiful natural gifts to our sessions. Supriya has also helped me to become increasingly aligned and confident in my own guidance. She is a compassionate listener and speaks from the heart with clarity.”

Gretchen D.

Brattleboro, VT

“I highly recommend Supriya as a kind, wise guide with an incredible diverse variety of responses to individual situations. I am in the Bay Area now, but went to her in VT and our sessions had positive effects with significant breakthroughs. May it go well for you Supriya, out there touching lives and giving light, in your own, unique style!”

Lori K.

San Francisco/Bay Area

“I’m getting a lot out of Supriya’s workshops and courses and plan to continue learning in that way. Working in groups helps open my heart to myself and to others. Your courses give opportunity to open up to others who we never would have even known before.

Thank you for your amazingly thoughtful and caring work. I always feel your beautiful heart and intention when I’m working with you. Your courses are a powerful way of delivering valuable beliefs, experience and accumulated knowledge!”

Priscilla C.

Newfane, VT

“Supriya has given me guidance on how to tune into my own intuition and energy system and how to recharge and prepare to face the challenging choices and relationships in my life. Through a combination of therapy, coaching and channeling with her I feel more aligned and solidly on a new life trajectory starting my own art business.”

Cynthia HP.

Brattleboro, VT

Empowering You to Become Your Best Self

Together, we will journey into the channels to discover your soul’s gifts, transform old patterns and beliefs, remove emotional blocks, create protective energy systems, and adjust your mindset so that you can easily step into the best version of YOU. You’re an amazing person, filled with gemstones that are just waiting to shine into the world. Schedule a FREE discovery session today and I’ll help you discover that.